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House – Guillain Méjane

House – Guillain Méjane

This first finished project of Guillain Méjane, a few years before The Star Rover, is based on the combination of the traditional interpretation of the theme of the « landscape with a house » and the no less traditional descriptive genre of travel, and wandering thoughts.

Guillain investigates the conditions of movement and rest, their mutual penetration and interaction. It is then a large cycle of landscapes with a uniform composition, in a random order.

The landscapes are static: a square format, the dividing line between sky and earth is almost everywhere in the middle, in the centre is the house. Geometric shapes, no movement in the images. All the small details of a complete landscape appear in this simplicity, the effect of internal movement of the image, strongly evocative, each in his inner self, for an emotion as rich as the image seems simple.

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