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Vagrant song – Ryan Ike

Vagrant song – Ryan Ike

Well, I’m gonna scrawl my name
On the bare bones of the earth
I’m gonna dig my heels
Into the ground

‘Cause when that ferryman comes
For to tally up my worth
I won’t leave much to find
That can be found

Well, I’m gonna heft my spade
Up upon my wearied back
I’m gonna keep last rites
Tucked in my soul

‘Cause when my coals burn low
And my train’s run outta track
Won’t be no one else
To dig my hole

Well, I
Got no companion
‘Cept the wind
And the sea

And when I’m
Cold and empty
They’re the ones
Who’ll bury me

Well, I’m gonna cast my stones
O’er the waters of this land
And by and by,
I’ll see them far and long

And when the night come down
For to take me hand in hand
This will be my tale
My Vagrant Song

Yeah, this will be my tale
My Vagrant Song

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